Should I divorce

Have you ever wondered “Should I stay married or should I divorce”?  You are not alone.  Troubles in a marriage easily prompt these kind of questions.  The article below will help you sort out your feelings.

Emotional stages of divorce

Ending your marriage is not just a legal technicality; there are also the emotional stages of divorce to work through.  While not everyone experiences them to the same degree, there are predictable emotions that need to be recognized and worked through, as outlined in the following article.

Preparing for a divorce

By preparing for a divorce before it actually happens, you can reduce much of the stress and conflict that many people face when they rush the divorce process.  Planning ahead allows you to make sound decisions and start preparing for your life after divorce, as well as helping you to avoid some of the post-divorce pitfalls.

Divorce Process

The actual divorce process is controlled by the participants. Many people do not realize that not all divorces end in contested courtroom proceeding.

Separation and Moving Out

Legal separation is the solution when you’re neither married nor divorced.

Divorce and Children

Children are the innocent victims of divorce. They become the center of battles over child custody, support, and visitation. Worst of all, the lines are drawn between the two people they love the most – Mom and Dad.

Child custody battles

Unfortunately, child custody battles are often part of bitter divorces. If you and your spouse can’t reach an agreement about custody, you need to prepare yourself in the event that your custody case goes to trial.

Cooperative parenting during divorce

Cooperative parenting during divorce is the ideal situation, but the reality is that this is sometimes difficult to do. How can you do what is best for the children? What should you do if the other parent is trying to win the loyalty of the kids? The following article has some great advice about cooperative parenting during divorce and how to handle the children.