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A family business is no different than any other asset of the marriage.  It’s subject to being divided equitably along with all of the other assets and debts of the marriage.  However, unlike most of the other assets, determining the value of this asset can be challenging. Aside from financial concerns, anxiety and emotional turmoil associated with divorce will have an  impact on the business.
Depending on the particular circumstances involved, when going through a divorce, it may be necessary to hire an expert to help the parties understand the value of the business. In this article,   Mitchell Reichman, discusses the importance of  Business valuation in a divorce. Another article from Inc.com discusses How To Protect Your Business in a Divorce.

If you have questions about divorce and related topics, visit my website www.513divorce.com     Jimmy Lefton, Esq. Cincinnati Divorce Attorney Re-posted June 18, 2013. Original article published on JD Supra.
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