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Jimmy Lefton


Helping Kids Cope with their Emotions During the Divorce Process

August 23, 3013 Tips for Helping Your Kids Cope with Divorce

Good one with kid and parents Without any doubt, protecting children from the emotional toll and drama of a divorce is the number one concern of clients. Things will change and giving them the opportunity to discuss these changes may help reduce anxiety and stress. The damage can be permanent to the innocent children of the marriage.  How do we help our children cope with a divorce?  This is a very good article that will identify many ways to minimize the impact of a divorce on your children.

Contact a Lawyer if you have questions about divorce and related topics.  Visit my website   www.513divorce.com   Jimmy Lefton, Esq.   practices family law including divorce and dissolution in Hamilton County, Butler County, Clermont County, Warren County, Ohio.  Cincinnati Divorce Attorney. Re-posted Aug 23, 2013. Original article published Huffington Post by Dr. Peggy Kruger Tietz


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