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Jimmy Lefton


Is Collaborative Divorce for Me?

Via Solutionsiq.com

Via Solutionsiq.com

Terminating your marriage and going through a Divorce does not have to be as difficult as you may have heard.  The War of the Roses has been acted out in real life over and over again and it just doesn’t have to be that way.  A growing trend is to work together to achieve an amicable resolution to the termination of your marriage.  The process, known as the Collaborative Divorce process was designed to provide parties with all of the tools to avoid the drama and unbelievable expense of the courtroom battles.  Is a Collaborative divorce for you?

For information regarding the Collaborative Divorce and for a listing of the Cincinnati Collaborative Divorce Professionals, visit  http://www.collaborativelaw.com/

If you have questions about divorce and related topics, visit my website  www.513divorce.com     Jimmy Lefton, Esq. Cincinnati Divorce Attorney Re-posted June  27, 2013. Original article published on JD Supra Divorce.
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